Mobility of Researchers

Most of the work will be organized through doctoral students on the participating universities. Therefore the mobility of the students will be of utmost importance for the success of the planned project.

This means that doctoral students will be working in the network of the participating universities with frequent visits to various participant universities. 

The present students hired in the program are:

Risto Haimelin (Aalto), risto.haimelin [at]

Mikko Kotilainen, (Aalto), mikko.kotilainen [at]

Doug Smith (MUN), d.smith [at]

Brent Way (MUN), brent.way [at]

Lu Lin (MUN)

Mawuli Afenyo (MUN)

Faisal Fahd (MUN)

Md Abdullah (MUN)

Bushra Khan (MUN)

Maisa Nevalainen (UH), maisa.nevalainen [at]

Inari Helle (UH), inari.helle [at]

Jan Kubiczek (TUHH), kubiczek [at]

The present post docs hired in the program are:

Henry Piehl (NTNU)

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